CLOTHING: Limelight Fishnets and Solid Tights


Has anybody noticed that Ink has fishnets and solid tights, but Limelight doesn’t, yet? It would be nice to wear tights without dots.
I would like to use them. I would like my character to wear fishnets with jeans or with a nice dress for a date.

Socks suggestion: CLOTHING: Limelight Socks

CLOTHING: Limelight Socks

We really need more tights, support!




Support! :smile:


For Limelight characters, absolutely. I would love to be able to my characters to wear fishnets or solid tights.





Support :+1:t2:

my god, can we have the whole outfit? i love it


lol it is cute.




100% support! Fishnets and other kinds of tights would be a great addition, especiallt because a lot of the skirts and dresses are short and it would be nice to style them with a nice pair of tights