CLOTHING: Limelight Fishnets and Solid Tights


Has anybody noticed that Ink has fishnets and solid tights, but Limelight doesn’t, yet? It would be nice to wear tights without dots.
I would like to use them. I would like my character to wear fishnets with jeans or with a nice dress for a date.

Socks suggestion: CLOTHING: Limelight Socks

CLOTHING: Limelight Socks
I need tights episode!

We really need more tights, support!




Support! :smile:


For Limelight characters, absolutely. I would love to be able to my characters to wear fishnets or solid tights.





Support :+1:t2:

my god, can we have the whole outfit? i love it


lol it is cute.




100% support! Fishnets and other kinds of tights would be a great addition, especiallt because a lot of the skirts and dresses are short and it would be nice to style them with a nice pair of tights


Support! Tights would add such a great asset to outfits on episode! I want to make a limelight story but sometimes feel myself being drawn to ink because of the clothes!


100% support!

This is a feature I would like to have for Limelight characters. The polkadot leggings can make the tricks until you want your character wearing high heel shoes. I would love to be able to have solid tights/fishnets/pantyhose for my characters.

Thank you.


100% support!! Tights and fishnets would make everything seem more realistic and add dimension to your story! Defiantly need!


Support!! fishnets, tights are totally needed there’s many settings to use them for.


Support, this is so needed!


A million times SUPPORT


Support! I’d love fishnet and sheer black tights.