CLOTHING: Limelight Glasses

I’m here to suggest a feature for the newest style, Limelight. I recently noticed, while browsing the clothing features for LL, that there is a very minimal selection of glasses.
Yes, there are glasses. Such as sunglasses, and even a few prescription glasses. However, the lack of prescription glasses is why I’m making this thread.
Like I said above, there are prescription glasses in the limelight style. However, they are all very bulky, and have rather bright colors (ex. pink, light blue, etc). They almost seem to be used in a comedic effect.
So, I’m just suggesting some more common types of glasses to be added to the LL style.

(NOTICE: I’m probably a little biased, as a person with glasses myself :sweat_smile: but I still think this feature would help authors create a more diverse array of characters)

~Brooke Johnson


Yesss I want the glasses like the hipster glasses in ink :smile:

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Yeah cause I need characters that have Glasses but I don’t want to add the Glasses on them cause it doesn’t fit the personality

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A fellow glasses-wearer here who, like @Kocoa , would love the hipster glasses from ink to be in limelight :grin:

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Duplicate request closed. Refer to original to show your support! :smiley: