Clothing : Limelight, ink, episode classic


Hey there!! I just want to share my opinion about "episode need more clothes in their wardrobe " … it’s hard for me to make a story because i can’t fine a suitable clothes… n it’s kinda wierd that every type of features (Ink, Limelight and episode classic) have different choice of clothing… why can’t episode make the same clothing for every type of features? In that way… episode could just add more new clothes to all type of features.

Just trying to share my opinion hope u guys understand :joy:
English is not my first language

This some of the dresses that i would like episode to add

This dress could really use for a wedding events and episode could make it in white

This is a nice wedding dress… they could make it a little shorter and it could use for brides maid


This one is just so sweet!!!

For someone who is planning on making thier episode in japan or china , this cloth is definitely awesome!!

Well that’s all i have for now. Please comment if u disagree or agree to my ideas… and let episode knows. I really love that game but thier clothing choices are not much. They should really make more pants tho​:joy::joy:



LL and INK are total different styles. Limelight is more realistic and INK is cartoony. It wouldnt look good with INK clothing on LL


But the outfits might vary on that.


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I know that… but they could just make the clothing features the same as the characters… what i meant was, it would be better if they somehow make all type of features have the same type of clothes but in their own features the could just turn the LL clothes feature into INK clothes feature … in the way… they might actually have enough of clothes … i guess :sweat_smile:




Thanks n sorry… this is my first topic


Thanks for the comment :grin:


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That’s what I was saying! If Episode recreated clothes from Classic, that would fulfill so many requests. Have you seen how abundant Classic’s closet is?! And, the black and gold Demi Lovato dress from Ink is my favorite dress of all time. I am so mad that limelight doesn’t have it. If a lot of Classic, some of Ink, and some of LL was recreated, there would be a whole list of request on this forum fulfilled.




Yesss! That’s exactly what I was thinking! It would help so much, especially since they could just tweak them for Limelight, and the dresses for Classic female are so beautiful.


Ikr! Lol they super gorgeous.


Totally agree with u !!! Srsly i love all the dresses on episode classic n INK


The outfits you posted here are soo beautiful! I think Episode Team should add them! :sunny:


Thanks!! One of the dress is my sister’s design… me n my sis just finish our fashion school last month!! And her last project was the rose gold dress that i posted. :heart_eyes: