CLOTHING: Limelight Maid and Butler Set



I feel personally that Limelight should have a maid and butler set regardless of whether or not Episode plan to bring one in. I feel that seeing as Ink already have one Limelight should too. This would be a great help to a lot of authors and help expand the amount of stories and characters authors can think up!


I’m not trying to rush Episode, but it’d be really nice to know if they have a maid and butler set coming in the near future and if they don’t I’d really like you’re support to let them know. That we’d really love to have one.

CLOTHING: LimeLight female [+male edit] (Victorian, Georgian, Rococo)
CLOTHING: LimeLight female [+male edit] (Victorian, Georgian, Rococo)
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Support! Maid and butler outfits would be great considering that we have regency clothing :slight_smile:




Support! I have a maid character right now, I had to get creative with the outfit choice. It looks decent and fits the roll, but something more obvious would be nice.




This would be awesome :wink: