CLOTHING: Limelight Socks



I requested this because I could fully complete remaking an outfit that I needed. Can we please have a list of selections for socks without shoes attached please?

If anyone is interested in 90’s clothing, please check here and leave a like:

Thank you!

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Socks for LimeLight!

its a really nice remake though :slight_smile:


Right?! I’m so glad I was able to put at least this much together. Still, I like the socks too.


How Can I Add Different Socks To My Avatar? And When Will They Add More Green Stuff I Adore Green!


For Ink and LL avatars for profiles, Episode has premade outfits, which sadly means that neither of us can add socks. However, if you create an avatar in the Ink-style, just search “socks” or “high” and scroll down until you can see some of the socks ink has.

LL doesn’t have any socks, yet. Their socks are attach to school heels or the boots that are in the picture.


I Searched I Love The Socks! Thank You!

CLOTHING: Limelight Fishnets and Solid Tights

Yes!! We need nice socks. Woolly socks, knee high socks, normal socks, something like the nike/adidas socks that everyone wears right now!














YES YES YES! I fully support this with all of my heart because it is the BIGGEST bother to me that there are so many shoes and NO socks.




Yes please! Like, I would literally just be happy with ankle socks in a few colours. Literally just that. Please.


support :raised_back_of_hand:t2: