CLOTHING: LL dresses - wedding and formal


We urgently need dresses for Limelight! This is something a lot of people feel we need.

Wedding dresses are in my opinion a necessity, because many stories have weddings or are even based around them. Some long and short wedding dress options would be great.

Formal gowns would also be great, since many stories are Highschool based. Long dresses and short dresses, and ball gowns. The current selection is fairly limited.

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And maybe even some fancy princess dresses, for the fantasy stories. There are barely no long dresses/skirts for the limelight girls!






Support for this topic as well!


I actually agree! We totally need some more clothes in Limelight. However it might take some time as they already have a bunch of requests and already have ideas in mind as what to make already. So it might take a while to see all the good stuff.



Totally agree! But i also think they are still adding stuff in at the moment.


Ahh, please! :slight_smile:


I completely agree!!! We really need some longer dresses aka gowns. Some examples needing this specific piece of apparel is for prom, princesses, formal parties, weddings, etc. This would be an amazing update for the catalog!! :smile:


It’s been many-a-week since I’ve waited for an update for Limelight with long dresses, and it has yet to come. I will keep supporting this until they get here. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Totally support this. New dresses (and clothes in general) would be great!


I agree, so many of the dresses feel either juvenile or not formal enough for an event like a wedding. I am in a desperate need for a long formal gown!


1000% agree


10000000000000000000000% support


Can anyone let me know where can I find guns… Because after giving a behavior to the character… I can’t see a gun in their hand


I think the gun might be an overlay (though I might be wrong)


Guns are in props.
You can use them by having @add PROP to CHARACTER.
And you can remove it by writing @remove PROP from CHARACTER.


Thank uh so much


Thank you for your help I can find it in props


Totally agree !!!