CLOTHING: LL dresses - wedding and formal


It would also be great to have vintage dresses and/or the Victorian outfits set!


Can’t say NO to this suggestion! I also thinks the same way as much as you guys think of it! It would be great if there’s some of gowns and wedding dress for Limelight & for Ink also hehe😆


I completly agree with this I’m writing a story and I depratly need dresses and gowns for my story!






Yes I support this!!


More ideas


LL just needs some long gowns and dresses in general!


This new release may be of interest to you all! :dancer:t2:




I totally support!! :blush: :ok_hand:


I’d like to suggest some of these beautiful dresses, tell me if some of you could support


I support this to because not many people get to choose if they want a wedding dress or a grown dress.


i would like an update on this.


I love The Idea These dress are amazing! Tell me what you think Everyone? Veils and Wedding Dresses.



Support :black_heart:


Bump :blue_heart:


bump ~


Support, even though they’ve added a lot more since then there still is limited options for this!