CLOTHING: LL modest garments for muslim characters


i’m currently working on a story with a female muslim character and quickly realized that there is a very distinct lack of variety as far as modest clothing goes. i myself am not muslim but would really like to have some true diversity in my story, but it’s really difficult when i can only really construct a few stylish outfits for my character (and even then it took a lot of digging and experimenting). i have done quite a bit of research and spent (probably too much) time on pinterest perusing muslim style bloggers, hijabi fashion, and islamic clothing customs. there are many stylish women out there that adhere to religious practices and absolutely rock it! i’d really love to be able to reflect that in my story.

we would really benefit from more long/flowy skirts, overcoats, and loose/oversized shirts and sweaters!

here are a few really amazing examples i’ve found!

How-To Guide on: How to Make and Add Muslim Characters

I support this!! I think we definitely should have more diversity in clothing especially since we have the hijabs now




Support 100%!


Definitely has my support!


Definitely! :slight_smile:


Not muslim just very modest and thtd be great


I’m a muslim, and I can tell you I wear that because I find it comfortable and I wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish episode will release these clothes!


I’m in love with the top in the first picture :heart_eyes:


Bump! Modest clothes like long skirts would be so helpful for my story.


i’m not muslim, but i definitely see the need for these items. my only concern, though, is that these loose things might not animate too well?

i spent like 15 minutes trying to come up with something kind of cute but you’re right, episode did drop the ball here. this is the best i could do.




seriously need this!!


,also would like to add that they should add the jewish clothes as well. they are pretty similar but Episode didn’t even bother to put the Sheitel :expressionless:


Episode also please notice how their arms are completely covered, we need more long sleeves.
Especially ones that aren’t crop tops

Can we also have some niqabs, and burkas too?


Support !!!




Support. Love this post so much :slight_smile: