CLOTHING: LL modest garments for muslim characters


100% Support!! I have one muslim character in my story -not in a huge role tho (yet) for two reasons: first I’m afraid that I’ll disrespect the religion in some way, and second because there are so little modest clothing in LL!


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I support this too! In addition to adding needed diversity, even non-muslim characters can have use for clothing with long sleeves and skirts and generally added modesty, particularly in fantasy stories. Most fantasy limelight stories are making do with the dresses they’ve been given, but most are short in both length and sleeve which won’t fit in a more old-fashioned story theme. More modest options will be useful for all creators.


If you still need outfits I can’t help💙 My mc is Muslim and it was hard but I made a few overgarments out of the few long dresses episode has and long sleeve shirts




totally agree! i’ve been struggling to create a south asian muslim character who doesn’t wear hijab and it’s so difficult to find something covering the chest, arms, and legs!!










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