👚 CLOTHING: Loose Female Tops and Dr. Martens for INK!


Originally created by: @pottercreep

"I’d love to see more loose female clothing for hipsters, comfy couch days, tomboys and ‘I got this from my boo <3’ etc.

And Dr. Martens, just cuz I love 'em.

Who’s supporting? "

Drawing by: @pottercreep Instagram: @pottercreep.episode

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They are so cool, I totally support


you have my support for this. Oversized/baggy clothes are a great addition to the clothing options


I think those clothes will be a perfect addition to the Episode outfits. Support!


In need of this :heart_eyes:


Support for sure! I Love this Outfits!!!


Total support!!!


Yes! Girls need hoodies!


I love the clothes! So comfy :heart_eyes:
Support! :+1:




Bump! :grin::grin:


YES! Support!


Dr. Martens :heart_eyes: definitely support!
It would be cool if they add some loose tank tops as well if you know what I mean :blush:


We need more clothe’s definitely lol
Soooo support!


Oh My Gosh! YES! :+1: