CLOTHING: Male pants that can actually go inside the boots

I personally feel like there is a lack of male pants that can actually layer inside boots. The winter clothing is adorable and I always want to use it, but I’m never able to use the winter boots because of this issue. It would be really nice to have some basic skinny jeans in a few convenient colors that won’t layer on top of the boots. If they layer over the boots it defeats the purpose for even wearing the boots in the first place.

The only pants I have seen that layer inside are the leggings, the workout pants, and somewhat recently added set of skinny slacks, along with the new street clothing released today. Having basic jeans that will match with all styles I’m sure would be really appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


I agree. This is a big issue. And even if I support the idea of more skinny pants, there’s an easier way that the already existing skinny pants, such as the ripped jeans wouldn’t do this.
If you haven’t already I suggest you support this feature


My only thoughts on this is I don’t know how possible it is for them to make us able to select which layer the pieces of clothing are on. Because the clothes are tied to the animations and all that. There’s got to be a distinct difference between items of clothing that make them what they are, and that make them layerable or not. It seems like allowing us to set it wouldn’t be possible, also considering all the layering glitches that have happened over the years. Whenever it’s something that’s related to animations, it’s much more complicated to implement and keep functioning properly. I could be wrong but from my knowledge of app development and coding, I would presume this wouldn’t be that easy to implement, if at all possible.



I don’t know how Episode code/create their models/skins so it’s hard to say how they could do it, but I’m pretty sure they already have some kind of layering system going on. :thinking:
My guess would be that they reuse and change the meshes/skins they’ve already got and that’s why some pants go inside the boots and others outside. And why it’s so hard for them to fix these issues past release.

But you’re right that it’s probably not a small or easy project, but I don’t think it’s impossible.
Should they succeed however then that would give a completely new depth to the character/outfit creator and give so many more oportunities to ways of clothing without the team having to create as many items.

But I’m still supporting the idea of new pants :wink:

They definitely do have a layering system. But in order to let us pick and choose what layers over what, that is what I find impossible.

But maybe I misread that post and that’s not what its saying. Idk lol