CLOTHING - medieval armor



I was hoping to see some simple armor :0 medieval style :3
just a thought i wanted to get out here. ^ _^


SUPPORT!!! A must for fantasy stories!!!


Clothes like this would be cool as well


Omg yes! Fantasy outfits and all that good stuff! <3



I was about to suggest the same thing lol. Something like this too (for Ink and classic too , if can) :
Not exactly like this , just some ideas for top and bottom and sword:



I want more clothes in Limelight. Those are cool Ideas. Are you a writer as well?


Yeah. Still working on it though:) What about you? If you’ve written any stories I’d love to read them​:grin::v:


Erza! ^ _^


There is already a thread for a sword :slight_smile:


Yeah! The best example for armour and a strong female^ ^


Ok , thank you for informing me😁


YESS!! I totally agree with you!


100% support. We are in dire need of medieval armour, helms, shields, swords… etc.


Support :slight_smile:


bump ~


Support :upside_down_face: :grin:



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