CLOTHING: Medieval Time Period Outfits (specifically for Limelight)


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I think it would be wonderful if Episode could add more clothing items that are from various time periods specifically designed for Limelight. Currently, in Limelight, the closest thing I’ve been able to come up with that is remotely resembling “Medieval” for my first story [centering around Robin Hood’s Era] uses the “Corset Tied Off Shoulder Multi Belted Top With Arm Guard Leather Purple Mulberry” with just a black dress it goes on top of (which works, but I’d LOVE more variety). There are some other dresses I could use that could work, but they are from the “Victorian” time period, and I’d prefer something more accurate if possible.

There are so many great outfits in Episode Classic & Episode Ink, but personally, I prefer the variety of character features more on Limelight. It would be great if the outfits could be compatible with all styles, but that might not be possible, so if I could request some more outfits in Limelight, I thought I’d make my request based off of already existing outfits for the creators and artists to work from. Ideally, it would be great to have more that are similar to the one’s in the list below, to name a few:

  1. “Antique Nightgown,”
  2. “Naval Heels,”
  3. “Red Victorian Corset,”
  4. “Bohemian Outfit Printed Dress” [Episode Ink] ***** LOVE THIS ONE
  5. “Black and Red Corset Top,”
  6. “Apothecary Robe (Brown),” “Monk Robe,” [Episode Ink], and “Nun Robe,” [Episode Ink]
  7. “Draped Wrap Skirt (black),”
  8. “Ruffle Layer Blouse (white),”
  9. “Halloween Robin Hood Dress,” but more authentic with the “Halloween Robin Hood Boots”
  10. “Pirate Dress” [Episode Classic or Episode Ink]
  11. “Ghost Dress (White)”
  12. “Vampire Corset (Red)”
  13. “Isabella Silk Dress (Red)”
  14. “River Silk Dress (Red)”
  15. “Sheer Stripes Long Dress (White)”
  16. “Western Dress Cream”
  17. “Dirty Beige Victorian Nightgown” or “Beige Victorian Nightgown” [Episode Ink]
  18. “Bandaged Torso” [Episode Ink]
  19. “Black Peasant Shirt” [Episode Ink]
  20. “Poofy Wedding Skirt (Heather Grey)” [Episode Ink]
  21. “Lace Layered Skirt (Zinc White)” [Episode Ink]
  22. “Steam Punk Corset” [Episode Ink]
  23. “Burnt Long Dress” [Episode Ink]
  24. “Cross Front Top (Cream)” [Episode Ink]
  25. "Hippie Skirt (Clam Beige) [Episode Ink]

…all from Episode Classic (apart from the separately labeled ones). The tatteredness of some of this clothing is actually ideal, too, particularly for Medieval. It would be great to have the lacing seen on some medieval dresses to emphasize the time period, for the medieval lords and ladies. If we could layer some of these items (for example: adding a corset top to a dress) that would allow for more variety. I would love for my medieval characters to have more options, like “servant” outfits, “nobles” outfits, and “warrior” outfits that are more catered to the time period.

Thank you for hearing my voice and input! If you’d like more time period variety, please show your support by selecting the ‘like’ button below and/or commenting below. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Please release more medieval/fantasy-type clothing for LL!







SUPPORT. Would be great for like peasant or villager clothing/rags so when writing a medieval story, the time period the story is set in looks more authentic in regards to background characters! They also have those two purple Princess dresses on Limelight but that’s it, frustrating to have my characters keep wearing only those two dresses, they look like they don’t own any other dresses and they’re supposed to be Medieval royalty.









Other Time Based Clothing

CLOTHING: Era based military+regular outfits


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I don’t remember if I supported this or not, but i’ll do it again :joy: This would be so, so helpful. For sure. I’ve designed some of my own clothing styles with the use of (limited) layering we have. But it would work so much better if we had more options :slight_smile:

I’d like to add onto the list!

(Apologies to the Vegans…)

Furs! Prehistoric ages + further up… people hunted to keep warm, or stay protected, and to make a living. I’d love some Viking armor with the fur, or those big fluffy cloaks from Game of Thrones, lol.

More cloaks! And better hood accessories that can be worn over hair??