CLOTHING: Mermaid clothing


How about we have mermaid tails and bras (or just mermaid tails bc they are awesome and we only need them, so.) I love mermaids, so I would love to have them and I’m making a story with one, well, many, so…

Mermaids Tails for Episodes
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Yesss please! Obviously we’re need something liked these outfit!


Here is something I did…




And mermaid hair !!. Love the mermaid edits ! Please keep more in the post ( because comments are difficult to find).


I support!




Yess! Totally need that kind of hair! :blush:


Yup! Support.


Lol I was going to suggest this next. Im do glad you did. I super support!!!


Here are more ideas. I figured since limelight seems more detailed. I’d help out on some more ideas.


What do you edit with? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I draw and edit with a mobile app called, Ibispaint. It’s my favorite mobile app to use. I am more of a hand drawn artist, so the fact that I’m able to use my finger to draw with makes this app super helpful for me when it comes to effects and shadow shading.


I’m working on a mermaid story now and I would love it if they had actual tails!
So I support all the way!


That’s cool!


Looks so amazing!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It would be great.


support <3