{CLOTHING} Mid-1900s and WW2 clothing

Hello Hello ~

I’m a very big fan of historical dramas and love the Victorian clothes that have been great use to me recently in Limelight, and I wanted to write a lot more. The problem is, it’s not very easy, considering the fact that most clothes are taken from contemporary fashion.
I’m not sure how the publication of new outfits work, but I was really hoping we could have some more vintage clothing, as mentioned in some earlier posts (though they were about the 80s/90s clothes). In my case, it would be for a war drama / romance set in Nazi-occupied France during the second world war. As such, 1940s clothing as well as military uniforms would be great…
Meanwhile, I’m trying to work with what I have and have managed to make it look more-or-less vintage, but never authentic enough for my taste. Does anyone have any combination ideas that would work for now?

Thanks a lot guys xx :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: