CLOTHING: More Diverse Clothing



I would love to see more diverse clothing in the Episode! I really want clothes like hanfu, other clothings from more chinese dynasties, korean hanboks, more saris, kimonos, lehenga, kilts, tracht, flamenco dresses, dashiki and many more clothings from different places. Also, clothes for different occasions, time periods and clothes that royal families would wear.

I would really want to write stories with characters with different nationalities but for example, if those characters having a wedding or something, there isn’t any clothes that I can use for them. So I would love to see more clothes from different places.

CLOTHING: Cultural Clothes
CLOTHING: African clothes (NOT A PLACE FOR DISCUSSIONS ON RACE: Support positively or don't comment)
Mobile Stories?

that would be a great idea I would love that too


Give me all the cultural clothing. It’s beautiful, and it would encourage writers to have more diverse and culturally-rooted stories!


I totally agree. I’m trying to write a story set in ancient India & China and the characters can only wear like one outfit :tired_face:


Yes! The Indian clothes are gorgeous, but very similar and not a completely accurate representation of all types of clothing from India. And many other nationalities are not very represented in Epsiode. Everyone plays Epsiode. We really need to better portray all of theme


Yes please! I really want to write a historical story set in East Asia but this is currently impossible with the available clothing for Limelight especially.


Yes! We need this. Also, there needs to be longer skirts and dresses in Limelight. All of the skirts and dresses we currently have are pretty much the same length. Not all women wear short skirts/dresses.


I would love to see more seasonal clothes like see floral styles like ->

More styles like: Trendy, Casual, Sexy, Vibrant, Preppy, Elegant, Bohemian, Girly, Cowgirl, Girl Next Door, Punk, Artsy, Businesswomen, Tomboy, Gothic, Rocker, 50s, 70s, Sporty Styles. More new tops, bottoms and so on.

CLOTHING: African clothes (NOT A PLACE FOR DISCUSSIONS ON RACE: Support positively or don't comment)



support! I would love to see African attire. Here’s some from my culture:



I support!


I’d also like to see more clothing in Ink and LL for different time periods and futuristic too.


Clothes from here would also look awesome


Futuristic example:

The others you can check them out here




jidenna is bae :heart_eyes:




Brilliant suggestion! Supporting this! :raised_hands:


Dont forget the Malay kebaya and baju kurungs :slight_smile: