CLOTHING: More Earrings


Hi, Episodians!
While creating an outfit for one of my characters, I couldn’t decide on the 3 styles of earrings I wanted, so I would like to suggest more options for that. Perhaps some diamond earrings, and different colors, too!
Please like/comment if you support this. Thank you! Here are some examples I have in mind:



These are pretty. However, your post would be label “CLOTHES: More Earrings” than “FEATURE.”
More people will see it and hopefully support it.


Thank you! I’ll change that.



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Earrings for guys!


Oh and… this isn’t a priority but I also think tattoos should be in the character customisation area of story making so the author can use the same outfit for people with or without tattoos.










Yeah, I’d like more accesories and tattooes for men!




Thank you all for the support. :slight_smile:




Thank you!


Support! Ear piercings plus pearl earrings with matching bracelets and necklaces would be awesome.