CLOTHING: More fantasy clothing/costumes for Ink

I’m sorry if I’m repeating but I think that I should have a say in this.
I prefer the ink style then the LL, so while you scroll down the LL art cataloge you see a lot of costumes e.g. Superhero outfits, cats, fairies, vampires etc. While if you do that for ink you see hardly anything. Angel wings, horns, pirates outfits and bat wing. I think that episode should balance it out and at least let us use some of the clothing from LL into ink, I know some may not worked but I tested a few out using 3 styles combined so I know some do actually work really effectively, like superhero outfits. Please support my case. Thanks :slight_smile: :purple_heart:



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Hi! This suggestion actually already exists here :slight_smile: Feel free to lend your input to that original thread, thanks!