Clothing: More INK Style Clothing


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I 100% agree with this. I wish they added more hair and animations too - since (as you said) we writers are very limited!


I know!! we really are! its frustrating! we need more options!!


I also agree with this! Limelight has just great options and variety I wish INK had that too.


They aren’t creating more Ink Style clothing, only releasing what they are allowed to I’m pretty sure it’s coming to an end for Ink Style you’ll only be able to use what’s available nothing new will be created.


nooooooo ink is my lifeeeee


i know that now haha they’re not developing new ideas i’m saying we need ones that they haven’t released


I mean, ink is way better than limelight in my opinion even because when we want the bad boy to smoke we still don’t have the smoke animation in limelight🙈
Well and about the clothing I agree… I mean almost everybody puts the leather jacket, a simple t shirt, the tight jeans and the sneakers because we don’t have other options of clothing to use and sometimes it looks like the bad boy only has one jacket or pants (because we have some other options of t shirts and etc).
Anna Woods💜


Exactly because we’re so limited it’s annoying


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