CLOTHING: More LL clothes

I think it would be nice if Episode published more colors for specific clothes, because many of the them only have 1 to 3 colors, which isn’t that much. There are already quite many clothes in limelight but Episode doesn’t release new clothes that often so I at least and I’m sure many others are getting bored with the old styles and the colors. Does anyone agree with me???

I was playing around with colors to see if I could create something nice; here’s a few styles that I edited and I think it would be nice to see more clothes that have this kind of aesthetic:

Recently Episode published Love on Fire, in which were many colorful and sort of neon style clothes. I went to the clothing section in the art catalog and I realized that there’s barely any neon clothes so it would be great if Episode published something similar to that or the outfits from the story.

Then also getting new clothes with the ‘insta model’ vibe would be amazing. What I mean by this is like mini dresses, where the skirt isn’t all flared up. Plus there isn’t a ‘little black dress’ in the clothing yet and I personally think it’s a staple.




I most definitely support this


Support… We have only 2 saris… Bored using the same

Support !

Hello! Does anyone have any clothes for a cashier at a smoothie place?
If so, please PM me!
Thanks in advance. :heart:

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