CLOTHING: More Masks (Limelight)


This is mostly a selfish request, because I’m working on a story where I need one, but really the mask options seem to be “teeny-tiny” or “helmet”. I’d love to see - and in other stories, too - classic masks that cover the upper half of the face, or a full face mask. This could be great for stories that feature masquerades, or crimes, or Halloween. Any horror or thriller could probably benefit, too.

Requesting for Limelight because while Ink doesn’t have this exact thing, it does have other mask styles already. (But Ink would be great, too.)

Example (for a half face mask, cut just above the upper lip).



And it isn’t selfish because if it’s added to yours, then everyone gets it

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I think the masks get used with surprising frequency, so I bet a lot of people would get mileage out of an update like this. There’s a plague doctor style mask for males in Ink which I would particularly like to see available to all characters in LL. Full face makes would be great too, or masks with ears attached. I’d like full head animal masks, but I imagine those could be tough to do with hair.




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