CLOTHING: More muslim friendly clothes

When making muslim characters (especially women), it’s quite apparent that there’s a huge lack of available modest clothing.
The dresses are always very form fitting, and if they aren’t, they still show too much skin.
Pants are always too tight, too short, or have holes in them.
Most shirts are either too tight, cropped, or show too much skin.

Also, what about adding Niqab’s, Burka’s, or Chador’s?



support !!

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Support. :blue_heart:

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Support and also catholic clothes



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I want to create modest clothing i am a digital artrist but i dont know how to add them on your character on episode can anyone help me ?

Watch this.

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Can you add your own outfit from gallery on your character? An outfit created by you?

no you cant, you can only use the clothes on episode atm

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100% support as a Muslim myself ! <3

Support! :relieved:



Duplicate closed. Please refer to the originals to show support for this request :grinning: