CLOTHING: More Pajamas

Specifically pajama shorts would be nice. We only have like 3 or so…
I think a “sleepover” pack where we could have PJs, and maybe standing with your eyes closed ANIMATION: Standing With Eyes Closed (For Sleeping)
actions would be nice. We’re seriously lacking. Yet sleeping / falling asleep / passed out / knocked out / coma etc. scenes are really common. They’re super limited though.


ikr i have a toddler in my story that need a onesie and the only onsie we have is the christmas one which is really annoying we need more onesie and pajamas shorts also i agree with you :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


i think you should change the title to ‘Clothing: Pajamas’


ill try and find some more later :relieved:

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Yes! I agree!

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