CLOTHING: More trendy outfits


So all the clothing in ink and limelight is fine, but we need more urban clothes!



I would love this! I feel like there needs to be more shorts that a elegant yet comfortable! and more crop tops! This is a great idea! thanks for suggesting.


Your welcome!:blush:


Okay but that doubled braided hairstyle should definitely be made for limelight :heart:

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I totally agree. More clothes like what people wear would be really nice.


You are right we need more trendy dresses. Online stores are best for trendy dresses like amazon, e-bay, walmart coupons 2018 these are best for shopping.


I think that Limelight needs more urban clothes. The females have no sneakers, but have warm up clothes, so I use the pilot shoes, but they are tacky.
I support this all the way


OOOOH good idea! that would be cool! :thinking: :grin:


Agreed :wink::purple_heart:


I think they said they were working on it - I really hope they release it soon, it would be so cool