CLOTHING : More variety in historical clothing

I know we have historical clothing, but I don’t think that’s enough variety especially if somebody decides to make a story set in another period of time. For instance, I really want to make a Regency period drama type story but there’s only a few dresses to choose.

For instance, the Victorian dresses:

You have 4 actual Victorian dresses, and on the picture it might seem to be a lot of them, but they’re not different they’re just recolors of the same dress. I outlined them in different colors so you can see how many there actually is. How could anybody write a Victorian story with these few choices? And what if somebody goes to a ball? Or somebody dies? Where’s the fully black clothes for mourning or the fully white clothes for weddings? Where’s the ballgowns? This is everyday clothes but what you need more of is:

Yes during some periods in the Victorian era women were modest clothing that covered their arms and chest up to their necks, but that all changed when approaching the dance floor. They showed off the girls or at least exposed their neck and arms. In some social occassions there was a concept of dressing too modestly.

I mean just look at this picture of a ball from the Victorian era:

This first picture is Queen Victoria, whose personal style and opinions regarding fashion were the grounds for every style in the era that was named after her, so I thought her own wedding dress would be fitting to be made as an episode equivalent of a Victorian wedding dress. Notice how even that dress is much less modest than the ones we can choose but are much more elegant? (That’s becuse it took until Queen Victoria’s reign and her own wedding dress that wedding dresses started being more elegant and white as a rule, beforehand you just needed a formal dress and sometimes not even that)

And in some of my favorite adaptations:

Now let’s get to the
Now I searched, I did but I found a single dress that looks like it could be a Regency dress

Now during the Regency era there wasn’t really a rule that said a wedding dress should be white. It could be any color, so a wedding dress was just a finer version of your regular dress.

EVERDAY CLOTHES (Used for walks, going to the city, staying at home (but then you wouldn’t use a bonnet), etc …)

And sometimes to be more modest women (espeically older women) wore thise neck shawl thing

Same as with the Victorian ball gowns, the Regency era ballgowns were made of finer materials but you had fewer of them, like even rich people afforded 3 new ball gowns a season, and just like in the Victorian era, they were low cut so that the ladies could be less modest and show of their girls and their arms … Allthought every girl had to wear gloves (THAT WAS A RULE) so that during dancing there would be no skin to skin contact because if you touched hands with no gloves on that was a sign of love and it was considered impropper. Even though Regency dresses were elegant and beautiful, it was a time where dresses were simple, at least much more simple than the gowns and dresses from previous eras. While wearing this dress you would also have head accessories, but you would not wear a bonnet inside let alone to a ball, nor would you let your hair down even slightly. That was reserved for the comfort of your own home or for when you’re sure nobody would see you.

Now let’s take a gander at historical dresses you guys don’t have at all.

1) No medieval dresses!
You have fantasy dresses, but fantasy and medieval aren’t the same. The Starry Witch Dress won’t work in a medieval setting
Here are some examples:

2.) No Baroque/Roccoco clothing
Yes you have Victorian, but that style is very different to the colorful Rococco or Baroque. An advice if you ever want to make these dresses. You should make the plus sized version of Baroque dresses straight away when making the skinny version of them becuase in the Baroque it was actually desireable to be more chubby. It meant you were so wealthy you could splurge out on food instead of the peaseants who barely survived.

3.) 1900-1919 (Edwardian Era)
I don’t know much about the Edwardian era dress except I could recognize it’s from the early 1900s instead of the early 1800s (Regency) or late 1800s (Victorian), but I could see the difference in how the fashion seem more simple, less colorful, with dresses with slimmer bottom parts that seems progressive to the previous Victorian era that used Crinolines.

4.) The Roaring 20s
I know you have 2 short dresses that you called “Flapper dress” and “Waitress flapper dress” but those 2 dresses are so shockingly innacurate and horrible that if somebody put them in their story nobody would think they’re historical dresses. A word of advice, unless you were a pr*stitute you wouldn’t wear a dress that’s cut above the knees. Your knees needed to be covered.
These are flapper dresses (And they were only worn on parties and stuff)

Everyday 20s clothes:

Any suggestions you guys have?


Huge support! I would love more for the men too. Historical accessories like jewelry, hats, purses, and shoes would be amazing as well.


Right, I’ll make a separate post for male historical clothing and for accessories becuase It would maybe be too much for one request. I haven’t even see if there is any historical male clothing avaliable but I doubt it considering the amount of female historical clothing I found.

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Loads of support!! We definitely need more historical clothes. Thanks for putting this together :two_hearts: only suggestion would be that we need male historical clothing too :smile:

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Yes I agree, but with male historical cltohing, we actually have some clothing that resemble historical clothing enough for it to not be needed to a point. Regency tights is the most moder male historical clothing we need, and a more sophisticated pair of tails for pre WW1 clothing

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Yeah, I agree we definitely have better variety of male historical clothing which is surprising honestly. I would love to see a lot of these dresses in the portal - they would be great :smile:

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It’s not that surprising when you realize that male historical clothing is just suits that have only slightly changed from the Victorian era, while everything before it was more flowery and less simple (that’s the aspect of male historical clothing that episode doesn’t have lol)

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Yeah, you do make a good point. I meant it in the way that it’s surprising because males usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to clothing :joy:

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I know, I plays the Sims and the male CC is so rare and ugly, meanwhile female is everwhere, but in here there are a lot of suit options becuase you gotta make that LI hot, amirite?

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Gotta make them SUPER hot :hot_face: and always use the athletic body :joy::joy:

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One thing I wanted to put in the first post but forgot was that we need more corsets and clothing that have corsets. Also it would be smart if those corset could be layered over some plain white t-shirts so that with a short white skirt it could look like it was historical undergarments.


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I managed to make an okay Regency outfit if anybody needs them ASAP

But we should really get better head dresses and should get at least 1 pair of gloves, like seriously it’s probably so simple to make and it’s been asked like years ago and still zilch

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SUPPORT!! I adore historical fashion

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