CLOTHING: More Victorian outfits are in need for Limelight

I decided to do some research on this topic since I have seen a lot of discussion. I have seen many creators speak on this issue such as @Katie36, @Chocolatesweet, and @decembermaria20 who created her own edits of previous releases. I have linked their topics at the bottom of the post.

As with these previous releases I decided to look through all the previous art styles and compile an entire showcase of these releases that are in the Victorian category. The photo proof will be hidden in the details because there is too much of info.

Episode Art Styles
Open the arrows to see proof of Victorian clothing through styles.

Episode Classic Proof

These are just cute little examples that would be nice to see implemented in Limelight.

Episode Ink Proof

These are nightgowns shown in the Ink Style, there are other Victorian clothing in this style majority that are in the Limelight style. There is even proof of the circled nightgown being implemented in episode 2 of Episode’s Dirty Dancing.
Here’s the proof:

(Sorry for the bad quality.)

I hope you guys can see my defense towards these assets, but the real reason for the creation of this topic is to get it noticed to help smaller creators with the Victorian Era as their main focus. As a creator myself I understand how difficult it is especially with more of the clothing assets being focus around modern day. So it would just be nice to see for not only the Generic Female body type, but also Plus Female and Generic Male. Please help bump this up for our smaller creators out there!

Sorry if this is lengthy, I just wanted to properly defend this topic and I hope you guys appreciate and write your own ideas. :heart:

I will be writing a more interesting topic about my Victorian/Pirate Reveal Contest entry and about custom assets I have made for other creators. :heart: :heart: :heart:




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Thanks so much!!!


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I really appreciate the support, thank you so much!

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Duplicate thread closed. Please refer to links by OP to show support for the original requests. :slight_smile: