CLOTHING: Mythology Clothing, Animations, Props and Backgrounds for Limelight

Why not have Mythology Outfits, Animations, Props, and Backgrounds for Limelight? It’ll be perfect for Writers who want to write a story that are either based around Ancient Mythology people like Cleopatra, Greek Gods and Giants or a modern version using these.


Omg support. Like Mount Olympus


Exactly. With the outfits Limelight has now, no one probably won’t believe you’re writing a story about the Greek Gods and Mount Olympus. That’s why we need these outfits for a great Mythology story.


That would be an awesome addition to Limelight! It would make the story more exciting!


Support all the way! :100:

I’m writing a Fantasy story right now and I’m struggling so much with the clothing. 100% support!

See? Anybody who has written a story from Limelight knows that we have struggled with the outfits section. Not much outfits to choose from. We need to get Liz and the rest of the Episode team to make outfits for Limelight. Even fantasy outfits. I know there are some writers who want to write a fantasy story in Limelight.

Oh my gosh I need this so bad right now.

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