CLOTHING: Need more men clothing.... LL

I’ve noticed that the mens clothing isn’t being updated as much as the women’s in LL. The women have soooo many options to choose from and you can mix and match, but it’s kind of hard to make outfits in LL for men without repeating things like jeans for the characters… It would be nice for them to have things like cool t shirts with designs on them, jean jackets, more jean pants, more pull over hoodies, tie dye shirts, bomber jackets, collared shirts with a plain t shirt under, tiny diamond earrings, oversized sweaters, even backwards and frontwards hats… it would just make things a lot more easier and realistic.


Really though! Trying to create a cool variety of clothes for men in the portal is like trying to shop for men’s clothing in Forever 21.

The options are sparse to none.


gonna bump this…

I agree :heart:

Couldn’t agree more.