CLOTHING: New Censor Options

I find it a bit jarring that the only censorship option is the square boxes out of reality TV. Why not add steam or smoke clouds, skin-matching pixels (this may be risquer though), magical girl sparkle skin or just towels/blankets? Feel free to add your own censorship options as well.


True - I think a simple blur would be the most elegant (probably hardest to create though), and some sort of body paint would be cool too. The black square boxes clash a little with the backgrounds at times.


What’s more ridiculous, is I’ll get a glitch that makes everyone naked. In published story’s :joy::joy::joy: Can’t have blurs cause they are too “inappropriate” but I can have a glitch that makes everyone naked.



Also, the censor bar looks weird when the character is sitting

Totally. I’m making my own censor bars lol

You can use overlays.

Support. That way of censoring can be jarring for certain scenes.




Support. :grinning:

What about that tape thing from College-ish?

Support!!! :smiley:

Hey, can anyone help me out? I’ve been looking for the animation where the guy is naked and covers up in embarrassment with no luck :frowning: Do any of you know the name of this animation?

I don’t think Episode released that animation for everyone to use yet, sorry.

Thank you so much for responding!

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Support :two_hearts: