CLOTHING: New clothes ideas for LL


Please feel free to share any ideas and/or wishes you have for new clothing that Episode could notice them and get inspired to publish more clothing for us!! We seriously need some new stuff up in here.(since we cannot upload our own work, sadly).

Here are some of my ideas (you can use these for your stories if you like, please credit me though @Tallulah_Aubrielle):

  • Floral top with a pink skirt

  • I really wish this top would be available for LL stories, I think it’s really cute.

  • This is just an idea, can’t decide if I like it or not.

  • This image is not edited by me, but it would be so great if this kind of top existed in the clothing library.

  • holographic dress, there is literally nothing like this at the moment.

  • More colors of this design!!!

  • A lavender shade would be cute and sophisticated

  • Neon green version of this set, because the neon trend is big right now.

  • Love a little multi chrome moment

  • Everyone needs a gold dress!!

  • I wish this top was available for LL as well.

SOME IDEAS FROM ONLINE – I do not own these photos, these are for the sole purpose of reference



These are all so cool! BUMP!

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I’d personally love to see some more high waisted, distressed jeans and leather sneakers. I think they’d really give so many outfits a cool new theme and are staples in lots of closets!



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