CLOTHING: New Limelight Business outfit

I think it would be great if episode had some limelight business outfits for female and male characters

here’s my example for the female version:

I based this idea off:

If you agree please post comments and leave a like



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I agree!:sob::sob: I love suits on women.



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I agree.


I would love that, considering that my character is classy and love to wear sophisticated things. Here are some ideas to help you out. I had planned to post this soon, but you beat me to it so I had this prepared, anyway. lol



I would love that!

It was awesome, girl!

Have you edit it? By the way! I love this! :blush::blush:

I drew the shoes, except the blue one from Episode.

I did draw the dress, but edited the red jacket.

I drew the top of the blue jumpsuit, but edited the bottom portion that was original both ink black slacks and LL black capris.

I drew the rose gold and white outfit, but use a Classic necklace for an accessory.

I edited both the black suits: black LL pants with the belts attached, the LL “Presentation Jacket Vneck Shirt Cotton Grey Black” jacket, and the beige color and turtle neck crop top. I lengthen the crop top by making it a regular sweater and took off the original grey shirt underneath the black jacket.

For the gold and black suit, I just used the jack and pants I had edited and added gold decorations to it. For the black shoes I drew for that suit, I add the gold feathers to those as a design.

So, I drew and edited a lot of the clothes.


Those are absolutely beautiful! :astonished: :heart:

Support! I need this so much for my stories!

You are so good at drawing/editing! :fairy:

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May I ask which website you use to do this.

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No website. I use an app on my phone called, xibispaint.

So you do splashes and covers

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Not slashes but I do backgrounds, overlays, front and description covers, and art scenes. I just like to do them since I draw a lot. However, I am working on an episode story and an Amazon book series so I have to watch how many artworks I tend to everyday.

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