CLOTHING: New Limelight Business outfit


Not slashes but I do backgrounds, overlays, front and description covers, and art scenes. I just like to do them since I draw a lot. However, I am working on an episode story and an Amazon book series so I have to watch how many artworks I tend to everyday.


That’s so cool wow


Thank you. I’ve done a few art scenes that authors have used recently, but I never asked much about their story. :sweat_smile:


Really you are so talented. I love your passion. Its amazing


Thank you! I appreciate your compliment. :relaxed:


No Problem. Its amazing what you do


Great idea!! Support


Ik im late but i support this too. Ive spent at least an hour trying to decide what professional outfit to give my character for her interview :thinking:. :heart::heart::heart:




i think we should have a blazer like this it would scream sophistication






Support! :sunglasses: