CLOTHING: Old fashioned clothes


I need big dresses and old costumes! From 1850-1900. Is there a chance that this is going to happen?
I would like to make a story back in time!
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TheY nEeD to add this




you need to make your title this:

CLOTHING: Old fashioned clothes

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Done! Thnx!


no problem


Yes!! And I’d love some Medieval clothes!!


suppport, i love those clothes


yes we need this!!


I find it sad that in LL there are really no clothes in which can be considered for period dramas or historical fiction. So many of the clothes for females are quite skimpy…I get that a lot of people dress like that nowadays, but at least give options for adults or historical stories. I also hate that my character looks…extremely revealing, when I never in a million years would wear a crop top with low cut booty shorts. Not to mention that IRL if someone were to dress like that at school, they would 100% be dress coded. It isn’t realistic at all to have the characters wear that to school.


Support :yellow_heart::raised_hand:


i love those dresses … good job!!!