CLOTHING: One-piece bathing suits for Limelight females


I had designed a few bathing suits only as ideas for the Episode Team.

I know that LL females have bikinis, but what about bathing suits for women who don’t like bikinis?
I had design six different ideas that are also a little versatile. I plan on designing more later.


How do I add those to my character? Their awesome!


I honestly have no idea if you can. I designed these using a mobile app on my phone called, Ibispaint.
these are just suggestions. In fact, if you know people who could support this, the episode team might make them.


I love Ibis paint X!!!


Yes! It’s awesome, and where I do all my artwork. lol


Me too!


Amazing designs!


Thank you!


-bumping- Also, these designs you made are the coolest! :wink:


Thanks lol :grin:


These look great :heart_eyes:!