CLOTHING: Outfit Shop [OPEN]

Hey guys! I am doing free clothing if anyone needs help designing their character’s outfits!

All I need to know is:

  1. Boy or Girl
  2. And what their style is (punk, tomboy, girly girl, ect.)
  3. Limelight or Ink
  4. Any other requirements you want for the outfit

I will reply to you on here with a picture of my suggestion :grin:

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Its Ink. :joy::blush:

Thank you :joy:

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Can you make me some outfits?
Ink, female.
She is just “normal” not girly, but not a tomboy.

  1. The outfit has to be modest.
  2. The character I need outfits for is in the foster care system. So I need outfits like “uniforms” for her to wear.
  3. Please make the outfit look like it can be worn by a 6-year-old.


Background info that might help you create the outfits: Brooke is thrown into the foster care system after her mom, dad and her were in a deadly accident that killed her mom and dad. She survived but had 5 broken ribs.

  • Boy or Girl: Girl
  • And what their style is (punk, tomboy, girly girl, ect.) Punk
  • Limelight or Ink: Limelight
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Im pretty sure this is what you are getting at right? Kinda like a school outfit but its a uniform?

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Yes. Please. Can you also make a few more outfits?

Yea! Sure thing, it is going to take me a minute! :smile:

If you can I need a few.
What I need.

  1. Failed adoption 2
  2. Failed adoption 3
  3. Accepted adoption
  4. Hanging out with other foster car kids(her friends)
  5. Work
  6. Sleeping(at foster care)
  7. Moving in with new adoptive parents.
  8. New school.
  9. Casual outfit(at new home)


Here you go! :grin: I hope this is what you were looking for!

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Here is another one!