CLOTHING & OVERLAY: People With Disabilities!

I’m pretty sure using two sections is frowned on, but they are all for the same subject: disabilities!

In the push for diversity, I feel like people with disabilities or otherwise just unhealthy bodies have kind of been overlooked. Letting stories represent people with disabilities is long overdue, honestly. Especially since the current contest has an image of a superhero in a wheelchair, but creating that kind of character just isn’t an option.

So here are the art suggestions:

CLOTHING: Prosthetics. Make a regular pant or shirt, but recolor one of the sleeves or…leg sleeves? look like a prosthetic limb. Maybe add a glove or a shoe to complete the illusion.
CLOTHING: A trach. It can go on like a necklace, and just be designed to look like…you know, a trach.
CLOTHING: A nasal cannula. This one might be harder to implement since I don’t think there are any items that go across the face, but I mean…John Green made these well-known, so I feel like it would get used.
CLOTHING: Oxygen tank. It could be designed using a bag template and be carried around like a backpack.
OVERLAY: A wheelchair. Just. Please. We can just use regular sitting animations, the wheelchair doesn’t have to be animated (although if that could be done, wow, that would be amazing).
CLOTHING/OVERLAY: Cane. Not sure how it could be implemented, but a cane would be awesome, for older characters, or unhealthy characters, or blind characters.
CLOTHING: Hearing Aid. Designed like an earring, just hearing aid-shaped.

These would also be helpful for characters who are temporarily injured, or sick.


This would add more realism to stories. Support!

Support :+1:t3:

All types of people play Epsiode. Therefore, they should be properly portrayed. :))

Hi! This post does violate the guidelines for feature requests as you’re only allowed one suggestion per thread. I really love these suggestions so I hope you’ll create new threads for them! It would be a shame to lose them :slight_smile: Thanks for your understanding :v:t2:

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