Clothing / overlay suggestions (INK and Limelight)

Hi everyone! I wish for there to be the following on the Episode website for Limelight and INK.

  1. Non - maternity hospital gowns. Because it doesn’t make sense for a character to be in a hospital bed in their regular clothes.
  2. Wedding dresses. Because there aren’t any wedding dresses that I know of.
  3. Ombre hair (however you spell that). That would look AWESOME!
  4. Braids / plaits / whatever they’re called. Basically, like Lolly’s hair in Pitch Perfect: In Deep Treble. You know what I’m talking about? No? Oh, well.
  5. A TV overlay
  6. More hair colours for INK e.g. Cherry Red, Dark Blue, Auburn Orange, etc.
  7. Hoodies with hoods hiding faces
  8. Bouquet of Roses overlay
  9. Anime - Style eyes
  10. Shoulder length curls

The braids?
They are plats.

i like everything but the anime eyes

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