CLOTHING: Oxygen Tank - Disabilities


CLOTHING: Oxygen tank. It could be designed using a bag template and be carried around like a backpack.

In the push for diversity, I feel like people with disabilities or otherwise just unhealthy bodies have kind of been overlooked. Letting stories represent people with disabilities is long overdue, honestly. Especially since the current contest has an image of a superhero in a wheelchair, but creating that kind of character just isn’t an option.

(You’ll be seeing a lot of these threads, as I have a list of suggestions. Please like each of them so we’re more likely to get this representation!)

OVERLAY: Wheelchair - Disabilities
CLOTHING: A nasal cannula - Disabilities
CLOTHING: Prothetics - Disabilities
CLOTHING: Trach - Disabilities
PROP: Cane - Disabilities
CLOTHING: Hearing Aid - Disabilities

Please check out my other suggestions for adding disabilities::

Nasal Cannula
Hearing Aid


I want to tell you that I think this is one of the best things that Episode should add to the story portal! I highly hope that this is made available.




I also think that episode should add different body types to add diversity. I certainly want to make some characters that look shorter/taller, curvy, heavier or skinnier than the body type. To do this I currently have to add pregnant clothing to them, but I wish there was a way to use all clothing but stretch or resize it a bit to fit the body type.




As a type 1 diabetic, I’d really really appreciate an insulin pump as well! It really bothers me that there isn’t a good way to have a disabled character in episode!


Same here! I know that I’m replying like 3 months later but I agree so. I have T1D as well.


Huge support!




Definitely support


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