CLOTHING:Pants, Shoes and Bathing Suits for Female Characters

I personally think that more pants, shoes and bathing suits for female characters should be added.

For pants, there are a lot of short skirts but a lack of for example high waisted jeans that reach the shirts hems, some 90s pants like flare pants or baggy pants, some ripped jeans, highwaisted sweatpants…

For shoes, there are a lot of high heels and pumps but i‘d love some more sneakers in different colors and styles then the chucks and trainers. there are a few newer pairs which i really like but those are often only there in one or two different colors.

For bathing suits i‘d really appreciate some that cover a little more, don’t get me wrong there are a lot of really cute ones but i just think we need some actual bathing suits.

I know that episode is focusing more on the diversity, new body shapes cultures, religions and genders and i really love and appreciate it so much but those are just a few ideas and things i thought while creating outfits for my new story.

This is just my opinion, I‘d love to hear your guys opinion on it🥰


Actually about the bathing suits
Some religions aren’t keen on exposing that much skin so there’s bathing suits the cover more. I think giving readers who have that religion should definitely be able to wear a bathing suit in game
Let’s face it, none of them cover that much


I totally agree!



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