CLOTHING: pegant dress for ink

I know episode won’t update the ink outfit anymore I just have a question

why do we not have the Pageant dress in the catalogue?

episode say the reason we dont have some outfit is cause they are exclusive for those stories and they are on some contract or something so they can not share them

but the Pageant dress is in the mobile creation shelf. so this reason should apply to this dress.

if anyone wonders it is this dress


You need to title the thread “CLOTHING: Pageant Dress for Ink” if you are suggesting or asking for it to be added. And change the location of the thread to Feature + Art Suggestions, Art and Animations.

okay. actually i just wanted to know why it wasent. but i guess that is asking for it to be added

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Closed since Ink is no longer being updated. Please check out Liz’s response here: PETITION: More Ink!