I know INK is a little old but this could also be a feature reference for LImelight. The main character for my episode is a police, but I noticed in the INK catalog that the Female police outfit doesn’t have a gun, while the Males do. It’s probably too late to change the INK outfit but please have both genders wear guns in their outfits for Limelight, because I found it a little offensive.


how is this offensive? it’s a virtual outfit

I know, but I felt like it’s sort of like girls can’t run because they’re slow, which isn’t true. I know episode didn’t mean it but I felt like they were saying girls can’t shoot guns because they’re scared, or something stereotypical like that. I may just be going bonkers but that’s what I felt.


There’s a gun prop for girls that’s available for all users and you could use timed spot position to make them run faster

@SocialButterfly has a fair point. The fact that Episode didn’t include a gun is an eyebrow raiser. However, I think It would be great to have more items on the police uniform. The uniform is quite plain at the moment, having a gun or bat as a detail on the uniform would be great.


I totally get @SocialButterfly … the reason she’s saying it’s offensive @gabriella is because it is. It’s straight up sexist. Like guns are too violent for women or something. It’s censorship. Sure there’s a gun prop but why would men have a holster with a gun in it and the women wouldn’t?? It’s a police officers uniform and male and female police officers both have a gun holster on their hip with a gun in it. Simple as that. But what can you do :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_shrugging:t4: Gotta roll with the punches :blush: I just can’t believe episode went there and didn’t give the women a gun :roll_eyes: tisk.

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