CLOTHING : Police Uniforms - Limelight (IMPLEMENTED 6/20/18)

Salutations! Police uniforms would be really cool to have in limelight. I would say that that they’re almost essential, especially if a crime takes place in your story.
Who’s going investigate the crime scene?:thinking:
:musical_note:“Who you gonna call?”


*The lighting is really good in this photo.:ok_hand:t5:

Thanks for listening!


Definitely supported. All the more so considering that uniforms are already present in the other styles.

Yes! Police uniforms, hospital/ nurse outfits, firefighter outfits…


My new story’s heroines dad was a strict police officer. But Episode team don’t provide the right outfit for them. So, I used some formals for them

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Support! This is actually so frustrating because even before limelight was officially introduced, characters in the Pretty Little Liars story had police uniforms on. I wish they would just release those.


A bump :slight_smile:

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Seriously, we need these now. Blue and black formals only so go far, after all.

Preach. We also need hospital gowns in Limelight, theres nothing close to what I want


Well, right now, all police officers are detectives and they wear suits :sweat_smile:


I agree. There should be several of the uniforms, such as the ones available in Ink. Firefighter, construction worker, mechanic, doctor, nurse, etc.

I love all of the character customization, I just want more clothing options. Then I would start using Episode Limelight

So true! The officers in my limelight stories always look like TV crime detectives :joy:

sounds great I think it might look something like this:

I support this post


Support! We just got a bunch of LL career clothes today, but I noticed police uniforms were left out :disappointed_relieved:

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bump ~

Where can I find this?

this would be so useful! I completely agree!


@Jeremy, if you could change the title to CLOTHING : Police Uniforms - Limelight (IMPLEMENTED 6/20/18) I would send lots of love your way :smiley: :3

No worries, I did it myself :slight_smile:
I don’t think there’s any reason for this topic to be open anymore though.

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