Clothing Presentation and Choices

Hi everyone, in some of the episode stories I’ve read, the clothing choices are shown hanging on racks, and selecting the article of clothing causes the character to try the outfit on. I want to program a section of the story where my character is looking at clothing on a rack, and the reader can choose what to try on. How do I do this?

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I can make them as overlays if you show me what the outfits look like

and learn how here


You have to make the outfit overlay!
Upload them in the overlay catalogue and make them tappable
For example

“Outfit1” {
@CHARACTER changes into outfitname
“Outfit2” {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit2name

I hope that makes sense


Thank you so much for the video, I will watch it and make my own overlays.

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This makes perfect sense, thanks!

Marked as solved by thread Op @ari.scuba :yay: Thanks a bunch to @line123462 and @nicollee.writes for the help :smile_cat: