CLOTHING: Rainbow Dress


I know I made a post similar to this on the older forums but, Would awesome if female characters get to wear a rainbow dress similar to the picture below for our Episode Stories? No offense but, I am not saying this is not only for the LGBT but I would really want that for my story as well.Click on the picture if you want it enlarged.


@Tabitha_Williams_3 I totally agree with you my story could really use some more colourful dresses which don’t have patterns on them if anything they could make that purple ombré dress into a rainbow one if they can’t do anything else but it would look awesome if they made a dress which looked similar to that one


Well, to be honest, while, yes, the dress looks pretty, most people don’t wear that stuff in real life. Me personally, would NEVER see either me, or one of my characters in this dress. I mean, it’s just not natural. Maybe the dress but a different colour?


Dear Res,
I understand your point of view on this. but I might think that would either want a rainbow dress or another color dress that is similar to the dress that is depicted in my post. But I like your suggestion though.


I’m not sure if I 100% know what you were trying to say, but what I was trying to say is that EPISODE doesn’t make stuff that the majority of people aren’t going to either use to if it isn’t really relevant to stories. I mean, for a teenager I guess when she shows up at prom wearing a sparkly dress? But, if the majority of people don’t want/aren’t going to use it, then EPISODE won’t make it. And like I said, people just don’t wear these things in real life. And the only people that do are attention seekers and wear them solely for attention grabbing.



Oh ok. Sorry. I see what you are saying now. I understand.That was a really good opinion you’ve made but I will see if I could probably want another color like purple that is similar to the dress. Sorry about the recent post though, but I won’t blame you for the opinion you’ve made.


Oh, I didn’t know that I was to be offended by your other post. lol



Oh no. You’re fine. That was my mistake on that post. You’re good.


I’m confused.
What do you mean by more wedding clothing for the LGBT?




YAS! Yes! I agree!



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