Clothing Representation on Muslims


Hello fellow people of the community. I would like to discuss this topic about how people are giving this information about, “All Muslims need to cover their arms all the way up to their hands all the time.” Not only is that false, it’s ridiculous. Not all Muslims have to wear long sleeve shirts all the time. Same goes with long skirts. Just because you see an amount of Muslims wearing it, doesn’t mean all do. For example, me. I am Muslim and wear short sleeve shirts. Including, sleeves by the elbows. I wear jeans and sweats. However, it matters wear you are and what type of headscarf wearer are you. If you wear a Niqab, you have to wear long sleeve shirts and skirts. It also determines if you are at a Mosque and in Arab countries that prescribe it. We have to wear a head scarf and cover up our body. Other than that, we don’t have to. I see some Muslims in my area wear short sleeve shirts and jeans, along with sweats. Plus, It’s a choice if we could wear a Hijab or not. We are not forced to. Instead of headscarves, we can wear head-wraps. Instead of skirts, we can wear jeans and sweats. Although, it still depends where you are. I would like it if people in the community would make us wear stuff like this in their stories:

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Thank you for this information! I was worried about my muslim character clothing.


YASSS! Innit I literally wear the shortest skirts and shorts.


Are you Muslim as well?


Yeah I am, I didn’t say that… sorry. :heart:


Do you wear a Hijab or something like a head-wrap?


No I don’t, I use to however my journey with Allah is very confusing for me. Inshallah I’ll not loose my faith. :heart:


Fantastic! Love these clothing combos!


Thank you. I try to make modest outfits like this all the time. It’s just Limelight’s clothing options are so limited. Along with some of Ink’s. We need more clothing like that honestly.


I agree! Would love to see some more cute modest clothing for everybody to use :slight_smile:


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Ah, thanks for this. I didn’t know this at all and I’m glad you posted this thread.
I do have a question though. If you’re wearing a hijab, do you then have to wear long sleeve shirts and skirts or can you wear short sleeve ones with jeans or something?


Yes, you can wear a Hijab and wear a short sleeve shirt. It can be up to the elbows too. I see some Muslims with Hijabs on wear short sleeves. It’s allowed.


what are the names to the clothes for the fourth to last one


What do you mean? The names of each clothing piece I used to make the outfits?


yes, sorry if it was confusing, I didn’t know how to word it well :joy:


Okay, thanks.
But am I correct in assuming that you wouldn’t be allowed to wear a tank top with like booty shorts or something?


Yes, you are correct. We are supposed to dress modestly


Ah okay.
Well thanks. I’ll take this all into mind when portraying a Muslim character.


Yes I think this is totally true, it’s what you are comfortable in… and if you don’t want to cover your arms up you don’t have to :blush: Some people or Muslims may disagree with you and me, and some may disagree towards wearin* a head scarf or whatever you wear… but as long as you are comfortable and happy that’s all that matters!