CLOTHING: ROYAL! Limelight <<<


Greetings! I am writing a Royal story & it is quite a challenge because A LOT of the clothing are MODERN.

There are NO Crowns for Males, not really. No scraggy servant clothing. No soldier outfit. No swords. No maid dresses…

Reallllllllyyy?! I hope this changes in the near future :slight_smile:

We need Royal Clothes in Limelight

I agree. We need more costumes, including police and doctor outfits


support, but I think that they’ll publish them someday anyway, hopefully soon


I hope so! =)


They at least have #1 outfit for each of those, but Yeahh… More!! :slight_smile:


I made a suggestion similar to this, sadly it was closed, I hope this gets some attention. It would be so cool to have some more extravagant dresses in limelight.


Thanks for the warning!! I made sure to double-check the rules & re-edited, so hopefully this won’t get deleted or closed?? =)


In limelight? Ive only seen a pilot uniform


You actually did it right the first time :laughing:, you can only have one suggestion per post. If you want maid dresses, you would make the post all about maid dresses.
*At least from what I’ve seen


Support! Especially, more of the guard uniforms.


I totally agree! We definitely need some more formal options, since all the options are modern.


Oh really? Hmm… Ok. I will change it back


Oh! You’re totally right!! It is a Pilot Uni… I’m such a doofus! I totally thought it was a Police Uni because they’re so similar, but REALLYYYYY!!! NO Police Uni’s EITHER?!! This MUST CHANGE!!


Totally support this!!


I made a nurse clothing up :joy: It didn’t look that bad but I wish that they’d include it already :woman_facepalming:t5:


Maybe my topic title should have been… CLOTHING: MORE OUTFITS! LIMELIGHT :slight_smile: :smiley:

Seems like we need more of them, eh? :wink:


This is exactly what stopped me from writing my story in LL! There was no royal outfits so I wrote it in INK instead!



Ikr? I am really considering going back to INK because of the limited Clothing choices… BUT I found I am really starting to like the style of it better! Just wish there were more options in Limelight =/


I wish so too! I guess it will come with time ahaha


i’m currently working on a story in which my characters would potentially travel back in time (long story, not as overplayed as it sounds) and am having a lot of trouble figuring out what they can wear. support !