CLOTHING: Sci-Fi Clothes!


Sci-Fi Clothing!

I’m aware that the Episode Staff must be bombarded with clothing suggestions and demands, and this is by no means a demand but merely a soft suggestion that hopefully when they’re not as flooded they could consider! I’m extremely grateful that the Episode Art Staff awknowleges our wants and acts on them! Shout out to you guys!

Here’s just a playful suggestion that hopefully they see and consider!

Sci-fi clothing

Wether it be astronaut clothes or futuristic outfits, anything that screams technology or futuristic is sci-fi in my book!

I absolutely love this genre because i feel it’s one of the few genres where the writer can overstep the creative boundaries and make some FANTASTIC pieces!

If we had the right clothing it would be so much easier! Also, futuristic clothes are just plain COOL!

Here are some suggestions :heart:


image image image image

Cool right?

What do you guys think? Share some more pictures and examples if you’d like! Maybe even add your own suggestions according to SciFi!




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