CLOTHING: Scince fiction clothes


There are many science fiction stories on episode that need proper clothing. Most of the time we can’t really get a real science fiction feel, since we only have regular (and some fantasy) clothes to use in stories.
I have some examples here:


Obviously they don’t have to have super much detail, but you get the point, these could be very useful and perhaps not only used in science fiction.

CLOTHING: Sci-Fi Clothes!

I agree




I’d love some goggles like this or facial accesories like this for my upcoming futuristic-science-romance story!


This is awesome. I totally support!




Yes! I was thinking of goggles too lol


agree same with fantasy clothes for INK




Sadly they’re not going to be making anything new for INK just releasing the items they have in the storage.


Aww. Hopefully we’ll have some in limelight at least. Though I really want some for INK :thinking:


Same here I love INK but Im obssessed with Limelight


oh no what! i didn’t know that!


Me neither D:


Yeah, they keep telling people that even made a post about. INK is done it’s not getting anything new just getting there clothing released. So like when they do their Thursday updates it’s not things they just made it old clothing they’re releasing to use. Now everything Limelight is getting released is all new.


At least when they DO make them for Limelight, it is possible to glitch them onto INK so it’s all good! (Really really hope they do)


Yeah you can do that nut one thing i noticed is that you cant use acesssorys on there.





Body Seems Unclear, is something wrong?


Hmm. I don’t see anything? Perhaps it’s just a glitch.