so I know that we have some shoes in the LL portal but there is just one thing bothering me all the time and that is this

If you don’t get what I mean it’s the fact that her pant or OVER her shoes and no matter what you can’t turn it the other way around
now yes there are some shoes that fit on jeans like this but those are quite limited in my opinion.

Now what I want is the possibility to choose which clothing is on top of what
what? how?
well I want that episode allows us to put the pants under need the shoes IF we click on those pants first and then on the shoes! this way the shoes can go on top!

I hope you guys understand what I mean :sweat_smile:


Yeah, and I thought that I am the only one that it bothers her :sweat_smile:.

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nah this frustrates me so much that it forces me to use different shoes or make my character wear a skirt or shorts :expressionless:


Yeah, tell me about it… :sweat: :disappointed:

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Is there shoes for man’s like that, could you tell about that. I am seeking shoes like that what i shaw here currently i have been using indestructible shoes which is good in everything official and running, travel. But i want a new pair like that.