CLOTHING: Sick people face and body

There is a lot of sick people and dead people in stories. The problem is, they always look normal. They even look too healthy for having too little sleep once, and you’re tryign to make us belive they’re unhealthy. I know this might be unnecessary for some people but to people who’s characters personality or life story revolves around the fact they’re sick will find it useful. And I belive having more realistic looking sick people will make players relate to character’s easier.

So here are a few of my ideas.

Red nose (from a cold)

Light allergy type I (redness in face)

Light allergy type II (extremely itchy)

Allergy (swollen face) (Usually eyes closed shut)


Dead (You’ve already got dead skin, but not dead lips color)

Sweat (usual while sick with the flu anf fever)

Redness in eyes and tired eyes (also usual with flu and fever)



Internal bleeding

Bloody nose

and finally eye disfiguring problems (becuase Ruth had it)

If you think this is needed give it a love.


also, there’s already a feature thread for vitiligo. there’s no need to include it here.


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